This is somewhat of a cacthall for things I'm working on either to hone skills, bide time or just for fun.
Isometric illustraion of a Nikon FM2. I found an online tutorial for first time camera use but it had almost no images. Was thinking of illustration the piece in this style.
I like to bake as well and figured since I was having friends over I would make a poster to match.
Not every occasion is positive but they can still be inspirational. Just a short few weeks ago my flat burned down. But it wasn't just me affected there were about 59 other people. For many this was their first home away from their families, where they in a way started their own families bult of friends.

Living between to languages presents situations where what you hear isn't always what is said.

Thanks for getting this far down the page, I hope you appreciated some of my work. Follow me and see more of my work as it goes live.

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