Proposed design imporvments for the Somat line of Dishwasher Tablets.
With new packaging I designed a new logo that utilized the iconic tablet shape and color in the brand name.
The new logo has two operational forms:
The first is for product lines incoporating the model in Somat's case is usually a number.
The second is for the BRand and would generally be used in marketing and promotion for the complete line.
Each tablet is housed in it's own cubby, once you pull the tab you can directly deposit it in your dish washer with out handling it. The tabs also function as flags that allow the customer to know how many they have left.
The cleaner packaging has less visual clutter then the original.
The compact nature of the packaging allows for more product to occupy the same space. The smaller size also expands POS options including placement on breakout displays and by the register, promoting impulse purchases.
Thanks for taking the time to get this far down on the I hope you enjoyed this project. Please feel free to comment and appreciate! 

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