Installed and User Enabled
This is a collection of my work that is beyond print or digital realms
I have a great fondness for things that are more than 2 dimensions and even more love for things people can use and touch and be a part of. The first 2 projects are more proto than finished but both work(ed). The rigors of moving can be hard on your work let me tell you.

Wish You Where Here
The first project was my take on a view master and the temporary nature of life and how photos seem to destroy that. I took all the photos myself and then created ghosts to play the part of people who so often come in and out of our lives and once gone are more of a placeholder in our thoughts than an actual person. The hands framing the magnifier plate represent the "you" and the acte of focusing is part of the recall mode of our memory. The user is invited to rotate the view master wheel to select a memory.
Color Gizmo
This is my mechanical color mixer, it was made from reclaimed materials and the only new things I used on it were the paint and the glue. Because of the nature of the materials I didn't want to hide their previous life as trash and in the end used a gel base in the paint to give it a stronger textural quality. I was thinking of different gestalt principles and realized on paper I could make a color mixer and then I though what if I could make a color mixer that would have a wide gamut an oscillate through the different hues?

So I when thought a few studies and found if I varied the spacing and thickness of the color stripes when they overlap the color mixed would change in turn. This suffered the greatest from the move but I still have plans on building a new version with out the hand crank but with a motor instead.

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