A series of three illuminated letters extracting influence from three artists. Please excuse the low quality the high res versions were destroyed in the fire and my backup is on another continent.
David Lachapelle
The initial work was with that thought I could create an identity marque that would express the photographer David LaChapelle. I used ideas like gold, cameras and couture jewelry. Another idea I had was a  Vegas like influence since this seems to be the only place in the world as outlandish as the worlds LaChapelle creates.
Sergio Leone
I am a big fan of the work of Sergio Leone, I have watched almost all of his movies to the point of exhaustion. Do I just make a slab serif with some ornamentation some funky wanted poster? I looked at those options and a few others. I wanted to capture the west in a letter. 

Some of my inspiration came from the scene breaks from "The Wild Wild West" tv show. I probably spent most of my development time working on theme like that and in the end size is what killed it, just too small.
Dave Brubeck
The Music id Dave Brubeck has influenced many artists of his day and into our current time. He pioneered his own timing and helped bring Jazz into the living rooms of America. I chose to use his Time Out album to synthesize a look for his Illuminated Letter. I also looked to illustrations and artwork of the period and worked to design something light and playful. This I feel is the most successful of the three I did.

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