Concrete Skin Care
Packaging and advertising
The project was to design packaging and advertising for a fictitious product. Some of the criteria include market and specifics of the demographic. 

I went with mens health and skin care, because of a familiarity from working in the industry. I wanted to address the market that represented the urban bachelor of medium income with metrosexual tendencies.  Some one who still see him self as masculine but at the same time cares about his outward appearance and skin care.

I wanted the final design to reflect the masculine and the urban environment and after some work came up with a brand name Concrete. A name that would be masculine and urban and through advertising and promotions used to express what your skin is like with out it. 
Another concept I found during my process what that of a cube. I wanted the logo to be something that reflected that cube. The logo type I designed based off of stencil fonts something familiar to those in urban environments. 

I had chosen materials and colors based on my demographic and used concrete to cast the packages and wood for a "collection base".  Casting out of concrete was a faster method of construction and achieving the finish I wanted for the final product. The collection base makes the product form a concrete cube but allows for the swapping out of one of the items for another. With the modular for I allowed for variation on each of the products that would always occupy the same space(ie face wash would always fit the face wash slot) and it simplified skin care to a 3 step process.
I relief cast the logo type into the sides of the product and distressed the corners so they weren't so sharp. All in all I'm pretty pleased with the results as they are my first attempt at casting in concrete.
The Ad and bag mock ups were of course digital compositions. The bag was an extra I thought of when visiting a department store and seeing a girlfriends makeup bag she brought her new product home in. I figured this was another opportunity to get the name out.

The ad it's self was grid based and with very little type and simple graphics based on the product and the use of the product. It is a full page format with bleeds and it should get  a revision soon.

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