A Film by Terrence Malik packaging by me.
The project was to design packaging for a dvd and the movie I got was Badland a film by Terrence Malick. We had to design a DVD package and booklet and the dvds. and here is a synapsis from amazon:

Still one of American cinema's most powerful, daring filmmaking debuts, Terrence Malick's  is a quirky, visionary psychological and social enigma masquerading as a simple lovers-on-the-lam flick. Inspired by the 1958 murders in the cold, stark badlands of South Dakota by Charles Starkweather and Caril Ann Fugate, the film's plot, on the surface, is similar to that of other killing-couple films, like  and . Martin Sheen, in an understated, sophisticated performance, plays the strange James Dean-like social outcast who falls in love with the naïve Sissy Spacek--and then kills her father when he comes between them. The two flee like animals to the wilderness, until the police arrive and the killing spree begins.
What sets the film apart from others of its genre is Malick's complicated approach. Gorgeous, impenetrable images contrast sharply with Spacek's nostalgically artless narration, serving as ironic counterpoints, blurring concrete meaning, and stressing that nothing this horrific is simple. Malick observes, rather than analyzes, the couple in a manner as detached and apathetic as the couple's shocking actions. No judgment or definitive motivations are offered, though Malick's empathy often leans toward his senseless protagonists, rather than the star-struck society that makes killers famous. Compared with the interchangeable uniform cops who hunt them and the film's other nameless characters stuck in suburban banality, the couple are presented like tarnished, warped and frustrated results of squelched individuality.
, on one level, views America's suffocating homogeneity and, conversely, its continued obsession with celebrities (individuals considered different but adored) as hypocritical. Ambiguous and bold, the movie hints that society may be as guilty as the killers. 
So of course I ended up with 2 and that may be a problem from some but it was the least of my worries on this project. I had 2 strong concepts and the vote was split even as to witch one I should refine so I kept working on both. The process was fraught with troubles printing from the beginning and int eh end require I export my files as JPGs to for the print to work. 

The first concept is based on the re-accuring theme of the gun and denim that Kit is associated with with a simple background of the final destination of a mountain on the horizon. I did all the illustration my self in either photoshop or illustrator. I even had to go back and correct the template we were given because the dimensions were severely off.
The interior reflects the start of the mayhem in the movie and Kit again but with out the gun visible as in the beginning of the movie he hasn't become the murderer that we know in the end. The textures and gradients took a lot of work to get correct. I wanted a flat graphic feel but with  experimentation I found adding these elements really improved the look and feel of the final product.
Another thought in the design was the interior and exterior would also reflect the journey the characters would take, because the outside was about their dark future I went with a darker pallet and then because of a print erro it came out even darker but his was a good mistake. I went back and adjusted the pallet on the document to reflect the error but with better readability. 
The second concept was very different from most of the class. It was textural an gritty and simple. The illustration used on the front was a digital sketch(one of eight) that had about 12 layers each tweaked to give the the final version. I chose a sunset an the horizon as subject to reflect the huge role that location played in the movie. It also reflected the want of the characters to transcend who they were and where they were and become something more. 
The DVDs use simple icons from the movie, the gun sums up the violence and the balloon represents the things they sent off in the balloon and similarly extras that we never got to see.
And Finally a poster based on the first concept but a little more vague. The title is slightly off kilter and the pallet is a third variation that compliments the packaging.

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